After 210 stories published,  573 days active and loads of good experiences, it’s time to call time on Football Chronicle’s online side for the foreseeable future.

Our website has covered stories from several corners of the world, going from Japan to Argentina, Rwanda to Canada, Lebanon to Australia and beyond, unearthing some important tales

From an editorial perspective, I’ve always enjoyed working with everyone I did – they’re all great writers and even better to work with and these experiences will always be something I cherish.

When Rahul Warrier and I started Football Chronicle there was a group of writers that we spoke to as well looked to get off the ground. Some of them had bags of experience while others were just looking to get their work out there. All of them were super great people to have worked with and it’s worth checking out what their content, whether that’s on FC or elsewhere.

It’s important that these writers and their work, as well as other independent blogs, are supported. In a world that has plenty of dishonest, brazen journalism where the truth is often bent and key issues are often under-the-radar, several independent websites bring them out and let the world know – letting that continue is crucial.

To all our readers, I can only thank you all for taking the time from your day to support what we do. To date, we released five series, four projects and several interviews along with the many stories and none of that would’ve seen the light of the world wide web had there not been the audience to view it all.

Very soon, we’ll be revealing our next project. This is something new, something different and definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

We’re going away, but won’t be gone for too long.

Karan Tejwani