In a sport filled with great stories, our numerous series delve into the wonderful world of one particular theme, looking at players, teams, cultures, and more. 

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Taking a look at some of the midfield and creative geniuses of the 1980s, covering their careers, glories, and legacies in the game. 


Our biggest series involves over 40 writers as we tell you about 99 players you should be keeping an eye on in the 2019-20 season.


A celebration of some of football’s greatest teams. Featuring exemplary tacticians and world-beaters, this series takes you back to the glory days of some of football’s finest.


12 rivalries, 11 countries, 10 days. From Lima to Tehran, Melbourne to Los Angeles and many in between, this is the extravaganza celebrating football’s most unique discords.


Taking you back to where it all started for today’s elite managers. From Sarri’s Empoli heydays to Klopp’s learnings at Mainz as well as stories on Guardiola, Allegri, Simeone and more.